2 Dune Sunflower - Live Plants

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These starter plants are less than 12 inches tall when we ship them. We are not in any way responsible for plants once USPS takes possession of them. Pictures used for this web store depict mature plants of the correct species.

Latin Name: Helianthus debilis

This coastal sunflower blooms during the summer and attracts a variety of pollinators including butterflies and bees. Various birds feast on its seeds. Dune sunflower is salt and wind tolerant and can grow 1-2 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide.

Amount of Sunlight: Full Sun
Amount of Water: Water Regularly
Soil Conditions: Well drained
Cold Hardiness Zone: 8-11

There are 3 subspecies found in Florida. Dune sunflower are capable of hybridizing with subspecies, so please take caution to select the sub species for your area.

Cucumerifolius: Found on coastal Dunes Scattered along northern counties of the Gulf Coast south to DeSoto county
Debilis: Found on coastal dunes of the Atlantic coast
Vestitus: Found on coastal dunes along the Gulf Coast from Pinellas County south to Lee County

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2 Dune Sunflower - Live Plants

2 Dune Sunflower - Live Plants