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Have you ever been planting on your own? Have you ever felt the fulfillment when you see that the flower you plant blooms? We, as planters, wonder how we can make our dearest plant grow healthy. Here are the three important tips on how we can make it possible.

  • Know their amount of water needed. 
  • Each plant has its own recommended water level and how often we have put water into it.  In our website, before ordering your desired plant, we always have included the amount of water that you have to maintain once you receive it. See this attached photo as an example. We have here the Parsoni Juniper, below are the description and prescription to maintain this plant. Knowing the amount of water needed for this can be very helpful for you to maintain it. 

  • Know the perfect shade. 
  • Have you ever observed why plants die even after watering it based on its desired water level? Try to check the area where you put it. Maybe this has something to do with it too, because yes it's true that the plants can also feel hot and cold. They also needed the perfect sunlight for them to grow. Some plants do survive in a very hot location, some do not.  Just like our COONTIE PALM, this plant will have no problem with full sun. Gladly, in Carlo`s Plant Farm we also provide the proper guidelines for each plant for the desired location of each.

  • Your hardiness zone.
  • As much as we wanted to sell everything in our inventory, we always make sure that the customer is well aware of their hardiness zone. Even if we follow the two previous tips on how to grow a plant, it is still important to know what are the plants fitted in our area. Just like our Agapanthus Getty White, this plant grows in an area which has a 9 to 11 hardiness zone, meaning the areas with lowest temperatures at 25 to 40 degrees F. (-3-4 C.)