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You probably hire a gardener to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. But according to studies, gardening is therapeutic. Seeing our dear plants growing lively gives us unexplainable emotions. Unfortunately, it isn`t always simple (could it be that we enjoy getting our hands filthy in the dirt and producing something lovely).There are times that we almost give up because there are some plants that obviously we cannot recover even if we tried our best. Later on after doing some observation and research there we find out that there are some things we forgot to make them grow healthy.  ...

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Have you ever been planting on your own? Have you ever felt the fulfillment when you see that the flower you plant blooms? We, as planters, wonder how we can make our dearest plant grow healthy. Here are the three important tips on how we can make it possible. Know their amount of water needed.  Each plant has its own recommended water level and how often we have put water into it.  In our website, before ordering your desired plant, we always have included the amount of water that you have to maintain once you receive it. See this attached...

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