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Have you ever thought that flowers symbolize women? Will flowers be as good as women? Will women bloom as much as flowers nourish?

Come to imagine the beauty of the Red Oleander Flower. Women were born gentle and sweet. We usually had this idea that only limited things women can do, that when we talk about women they are puny so they easily be destroyed. Indeed, women may be gentle and have to be taken care of. We always see them as fragile as flowers. Thus, women are just like Oleander Flower.

Oleanders are vigorous, they are strong. They can also bloom long-lasting. They are very drought tolerant. This flower is also a recommended plant for difficult areas as they can survive even under heat.

Women are showing its characteristics resembling flowers. They might be gentle but they are strong. Even though we are not expecting anything from them to excel for, they can bloom in their own ways. They also have proven that they can survive even if they themselves are drained. In any circumstances, they are finding their ways to provide everything they have (I want you to think of one woman you have in your life who you value the most). You might mistakenly think that they are weak, but not.

But of course, these will all be possible only if we water them regularly. Water them with praises and appreciation. Let them bloom wherever they want so they can show how beautiful they are. It is given that when you show love and care to your belongings it will also pay you back on how you treated them. Flowers do show its color and beauty when it has been cared for. Just as a woman. Flowers and women are indeed the same, it only differs on how to manage them.