How to take care philodendrons?

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How to take care philodendrons?


    Finding out how to care for philodendrons is easy when you consider their needs. Watering is critical because philodendrons need misty environments but are not capable of taking up too much water. This can be easily done by using a spray bottle to apply water onto your philodendron as needed. It also helps not to overwater your plants. Just enough moist soil is required for the plants to thrive, so test the top inch with your finger if it feels dry or apply water until it runs from the drainage holes once more before placing your plant back in the pot.
   If you have multiple plants, it's best to water them with plenty of water in a bathtub so that the excess does not run off and waste. To check for soil black spots, use a damp paper towel to wipe up some water and rub surface soil from each plant. If your philodendrons are growing well and budding, keeping them healthy should be a breeze!


    Philodendron plants do not do well in direct sunlight, which is why they need to be kept in the shade of a large tree. Keep your philodendrons in a shady part of a sunny room or the sunny part of a shady room - somewhere where it gets a full view of the sky without necessarily catching the full sun all day.


    If you’re planting philodendrons outdoors, take care to pick the right location. Wind that can dry out plants can also destroy them. Grass will absorb moisture from the soil, so your philodendron should face away from any grasses or other plants that may compete with it for sun and water.

     While most plants require minimal care, there are some that require a bit more attention. Philodendrons are a bit more finicky than many other plants and so it's best to understand the factors that affect their development, growth and production of flowers, leaves and fruits. As with most plants, Philodendrons thrive in partial or full shade, but they also appreciate plenty of sunlight.