MESSY but CLASSY | Firecracker Plant

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MESSY but CLASSY | Firecracker Plant

Have you ever looked for a messy flower but when it blooms classy comes within?

The Firecracker Bush makes a wonderful idea for a bare ground that blooms! Once rooted, this plant requires little maintenance and can withstand drought. Hummingbirds and butterflies are drawn to the firecracker plant's cascading fiery red blossoms, which grow in a wild and wispy free-form. The tubular flowers, that are the most frequently red and resemble a fountain of fireworks, are what make this plant attractive and striking. 

This plant is the perfect example of the expression "appropriate plant, appropriate spot." A firecracker cannot be trained to stay tiny and compact, so consider whether you actually have the space. If you try to keep it that way, it looks terrible. Firecrackers require a lot of space for their distinctively curved structure. However, this doesn't mean you can't handle one; just make sure to plan ahead so that its size is appropriate for the planting location.  Although the addition of one of these shrubs can soften and emphasize an already well-trimmed landscape, this is not a suitable option for the germaphobe who wants a formal, manicured look. The brilliant red blossoms on the fine-textured waterfall of stalks provide a more rustic, cottage garden feel.

A single plant has a 5-foot spread and may smother surrounding smaller plants.A firecracker plant should not have something placed in front of it.Use it at the end of a garden bed, among palm trees, or in front of taller, more upright shrubs like hibiscus or firespike to best display its lovely form.

These are the recommended landscape for firecracker plant: Colliding against a wall, stuffed for a corner, next to a fence, beneath a palm or tree, for a botanical garden, a broad accent, by a mixed bed's end, along a patio or balcony or in a vase or any container.